Saturday, 24 October 2009

A couple of friends and me saw Bloc Party play last night at Plymouth Pavilions and I must say they were amazing. Kele was on form as was Tong and the others; the first half of their set was quite relaxed with alot of their slower songs, then the second half was the crazy dancing part. Flux and Helicopter were amazing, I also enjoyed hearing Talons and One More Chance live. The support act was Grammatics, I didnt see much of their set and from what I saw they didn't impress me.

The funniest moment of the night, however, was overhearing a conversation between two strangers in the bar. before Bloc Party had come onstage. It went something like this:

Random bloke: "Has the support act been on yet?"
Random girl: "Yeah they just finished."
Random bloke: "Sh*t! I hate Bloc Party" *tears up ticket and storms out*

Little things like that make my day.

Friday, 23 October 2009


Okay since I turned my old blog into something uni related I need a new place to jabber on about random crap and write stuff down before I forget it. Well here it is and I shall start by explaining the title.

I was having quite a relaxed night at Ride bar's open mic night, watching people attempt to get across their innermost feelings with bits of hollow wood and string. Didn't realise how drunk I was, often the case when drinking cornish Rattler cider, and decided to give one of my friends a lift up north hill to another bar. God knows why but I tried to run and basically ran into the floor, throwing the poor girl off my back and smashing my knee on the pavement.

I couldn't walk for a week. Awesome.