Monday, 17 May 2010

Strangely motivated

Well I'm in a strange mood this evening so I might as well continue with this as its been going so well lately. A bit pissed off with my installation, not gonna lie. The damn thing broke after about hour. Also I seem to be at a loose end these days as everyone is either revising or has a job. On a completely different topic, I'm really getting into experimental music lately, earlier in the year it was dubstep and psytrance but I'm getting more into my electro now, probably because of the new Crystal Castles album. Battles and Telefon Tel Aviv are two of my favourite new discoveries.

This next bit is weird. After finishing for the year I seem to have retained my motivation (I never have any motivation?) and have started work on my third year modules today. Inspiration came from seeing a couple of music videos on youtube, Linkin Park's video for breaking the habit and Nero's video for innocence. I really like how the pace of the animation reflects the music. Though I need to get better at the whole music production thing quickly.

My initial idea is to draw over video in the typical rotoscope style, similar to that used in Waking Life. My own development from this is to incorporate some timeslicing images similar to those I created for my exhibition piece, along with some special post processing tricks I've picked up. There may be yet more MaxMSP fun times. Subject for the animation is as yet unknown, I have a few ideas but they all seem stupid. This film/animatic/whatev would probably be for the individual practice module though some may transfer to collab. Its strange how most of this year has been a struggle for inspiration and motivation but now the third year hasn't even started and I'm getting so many crazy and fantastic ideas every couple of hours. That said, I don't know how many of them I could actually pull off =/

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