Saturday, 8 May 2010


Wow haven't posted on this for an age, I'm rubbish at stuff like this. Anyway here are two of the films I feel happy putting up from the last couple of months and a short update. Enjoy.

There's more blurb about them on youtube, I don't wanna repeat myself on here so have a look if you're interested. It's scary how quickly this year has gone, I'm practically finished with my second year of uni now and wow what a year. Some crazy stuff has happened. I have been broken both physically and mentally at times but came out on top, all you can do is look back and smile. Personal revelations and epiphanies are all very well but they have a tendency to make you feel like utter crap. Soon there will be collaborations and dissertations to worry about along with all kinds of mess, although I'm looking forward to next year and feel much more confident than I did about this past year. Sad to be leaving a group of people I have known since the start of this whole misadventure but glad to be moving in with some crazy and brilliant people. That's all for now.

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